Aug 4, 2016

Bell’s Brewing Hopsoulution

I can’t tell you how many times I misspelled Hopsoulution in the writing of this review. That extra “u” in there kept throwing me for a loop. Thankfully, this 8% ABV (70 IBU) double IPA didn’t have too many curveballs to keep me from spelling “tasty” however many times it will appear in the words below.

There’s not much in the way of information on the beer other than it uses “several hop varietals” in its creation. Whatever hops are in use has given the beer an old world meets new world vibe in terms of the flavors it presents. Pine and resin lead the way for a smooth array of orange, grapefruit and other tropical traits while caramel and just the right amount of sweetness keep everything in check. It’s not nearly as “drinkable” as the label may suggest, but for a beer of this style it does have a fairly well-rounded nature. It’s just that, well, 70 IBUs isn’t going to make anything drinkable.

That all said, this tasty brew is an outstanding example of a double IPA. Hopsoulution hits all the right marks for a modern take on the style while also checking off the appropriate old school boxes that those of us who’ve been drinking craft (nay, micro-) brews enjoyed many, many moons ago. I could certainly go for a few more bottles of this brew.