Nov 1, 2016

Evil Twin Molotov Heavy

I knew going into the purchase of Evil Twin’s Molotov Heavy that the beer wasn’t one to be messed around with. At 17.2% ABV, it’s a massive imperial IPA that isn’t just a booze bomb. It also carries a hell of a hop profile with a solid bitterness (100 IBU) and array of tropical fruit flavors. This thing is no joke.

For as much alcohol resides within this dark amber brew, there’s very little of it present on the nose. The taste, however, is a completely different matter — the medium bodied brew carries its flavors to a very warming finish, leaving a whiskey-chest like warmth. The hop presence is pungent and piney with a good amount of grapefruit and tangerine, as well as a perfumy trait that lingers gently.

There was no bottling date on this beer, but it certainly tasted pretty darn fresh. The hops were fully present from start to finish with a succulent character. I also mention the bottling date, as I believe a beer this big would be pretty damn interesting to age. Yes, those very same hops will fade, allowing the light caramel and bread notes to develop into something akin to an American Strong Ale. It could prove an interesting experiment.