Oct 6, 2016

Flying Dog Brewhouse Rarities Bee Beer

I’ve said it before and I’ll more than likely say it for many reviews to come, but I really like what Flying Dog is doing with the Brewhouse Rarities project. Each year, teams of Flying Dog employees develop recipes and pitch their styles to their fellow peers during the company’s annual congregation. Some are good, some not so much, but each release is unique and quite often, very interesting. Bee Beer, part of this years series, is both interesting and quite tasty.

This 7% ABV saison if brewed buckwheat honey and local (to the brewery) bee pollen. The French saison yeast that the company has used gives the beer a funky character with a crips carbonation while those two unique adjuncts provide a rustic and earthy quality to compliment the barnyard traits. Having never had bee pollen prior to this beer, however, I was hard pressed to pinpoint the exact flavor that it added to the experience, but the honey shines through wonderfully.

I particularly like the combination of flavors found within Bee Beer. The funky saison base works well with the lightly sweet honey influence, combining well to create a rustic drinking experience. The brew is refreshing and lively as a light, lingering hop bitterness tingles well into the lasting and lightly drying finish. The beer isn’t necessarily out-of-this-world unique, but it is an interesting brew nonetheless, especially considering the ingredients in use. This is a beer that I would be excited to see the brewery release on a regular basis.

This is a review of a promotional sample.