Mar 14, 2016

Flying Dog Fever Dream

I’ve had some wacky dreams in my time — a memorable occasion including a Rastafarian’s attempt to sell me a used carburetor — but none of them involved Tom Selleck’s mustache as predicted by the label artwork on Flying Dog’s Fever Dream. This 7% ABV (70 IBU) IPA is the latest year-round offering from the Maryland brewery. The mango-forward beer started out as one of the company’s Brewhouse Rarities prior to it’s annual promotion.

I’ve stated before that I love a good bit of spice in the right style of beer. Chipotle in stouts or even habanero in brown ales, when done right, the combination can be extraordinary. The case with Fever Dream isn’t one of dramatic or fiery peppery heat — it’s more one of subtlety and smoothness. The mango infusion within this IPA is the dominate flavor as it joins more tropical fruit, grapefruit and pine. The Habanero? It’s not as bold as some might fear, offering instead, a soft tingle on the tongue that lasts a good long while into the lasting finish.

I personally would have preferred a bit more heat to counter the smooth waves of fruitiness, but the amount that is currently within Fever Dream is still fairly playful. It’s at a more approachable level for a wider amount of appeal than say a limited release would produce, much like the breweries’ Chipotle Oaked Ale which will see a review in a couple of days.

This is a review of a promotional sample.