Nov 30, 2016

Flying Dog Sea Salt Caramel Brown

Much like Flying Dog’s other releases under the Brewhouse Rarities label, Sea Salt Caramel Brown is an adventurous beer and one that can only be described as fun. Also, like many dessert beers of this nature, it’s tough to see myself getting past more than one bottle in a sitting. This 7% ABV brown ale isn’t cloying with dessert-beer sweetness like many of its peers, but the array of flavors require me, personally, to be in the mood for them.

Rich caramel, light sea salt salinity and a soft roast mix well with one another in a presentation that would make for an excellent beer float. A little vanilla ice cream would send this moderately sweet brew into the stratosphere of dessert treats. As it stands, the beer is still quite tasty and nicely suited for sipping after a heavy meal of, perhaps, leftover Thanksgiving turkey in sandwhich form — which is exactly how I ended my evening.

Flying Dog have been having fun crafting unique — sometimes challenging — brews in this limited run series. Sea Salt Caramel Brown is one of the more accessible releases they have had under the Rarities moniker and one that certainly was a treat.

This is a review of a promotional sample.