Apr 8, 2016

Flying Dog Single Hop Ella

Flying Dog continues their excellent Single Hop series — showcasing the versatility and dynamic nature of “the most rare and interesting hop varities” — with this unique, imperial IPA. I don’t particularly recall having crossed paths with the Ella hop variety in the past so this was most assuredly my first interaction with its delicate characteristics.

In a quick tour of the Internets, I found that Ella is of Australian origin and was bred from a “mix of Spalt and triploid hops.” It’s considered to be a sister to the Galaxy hop. So now that I know a bit more about this hop, let’s see what Flying Dog has done with it.

I mentioned the word “delicate” above, but I don’t mean that the aroma or flavor of Ella is weak — not by any means. It does not feel as robust or as dynamic as some of the more well known or popular hop variety. It does, however, carry a floral aroma with a good amount of peach and stone fruits, even a touch of melon, as it hits the tongue. It’s not overly bitter, even with this beer hitting 70 IBU.

My favorite releases in Flying Dogs limited, single-hop series may still rely on the likes of Simcoe or even Galaxy, but Ella has an uncommon characteristic all her own. And it’s one any adventurous hop fan should check out.

This is a review of a promotional sample.