Jul 11, 2016

Flying Dog Single Hop Nugget

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Flying Dog’s Single Hop Imperial IPA series. The limited run of beers not only showcases the range of a single hop variety, but has also produced some of the most impressive beers that company has released over the last few years. The range of flavors this series has presented since the beginning have been impressive. And the latest offering, Nugget, allows the hop in focus an opportunity to shine like the rest.

Single Hop Nugget isn’t the most dynamic, or glamorous, hop in use through this series, but it does offer a smooth, fairly easy drinking experience. This 8% ABV imperial IPA also carries a 70 IBU bite that takes a moment to peak, but when it does, it’s a bite that affects the entire mouth playfully. Herbal notes, a peppery tingle, pine and grapefruit dominate while bread and a touch of caramel linger gently.

The Single Hop Imperial IPA series from this Maryland brewery have been a treat to experience throughout the years. Each beer allows a different hop to stand in the spotlight and do its thing. Nugget isn’t the hottest of the hot or the most trendy variety as of late, but Flying Dog have done a great job showcasing all this capable hop has to offer.

This is a review of a promotional sample.