Aug 18, 2016

Flying Dog White Peach Saison

I’ve had enough of my kid’s store-bought white peach and grape juice combinations through the years to have already conditioned my brain to expect a certain set of flavors. And while Flying Dog’s latest Brewhouse Rarities does not include any grapes as an ingredient, my brain was still prepared for something completely different than that which I actually encountered. White Peach Saison isn’t sweet, as I was expecting. In fact, it’s almost wine-like in its behavior.

This 5.9% ABV (13 IBU) saison is brewed with, you guessed it, white peaches, as well as black peppercorn. The result is a beer that isn’t nearly as sweet as anticipated — it’s dry and delicate with just the right tingle from the peppercorns. The clean nature of this beer with the light earthy fruit tinge gives it a much more refined character than its description alludes to. A light funk lingers with plenty of peach flavor before everything fades smoothly to a lasting finish.

As you’ve read above, this is not the beer I was prepared for mentally. It’s not cloying. It’s not overly hopped. Flying Dog White Peach Saison is a refreshing, light bodied brew with an excellent level of fruitiness and unexpected dryness that I thoroughly enjoyed. I’d personally like a bit more saison funk in the mix, but that’s just me being, well, me. All in all, this is a great addition to the company’s limited run of brews.

This is a review of a promotional sample.