Oct 13, 2016

Guinness Antwerpen Stout

Since 1944, Guinness has shipped an export stout, known as Guinness Special Export, to Belgium. That same beer, now renamed Antwerpen Stout, makes its American debut as the latest release under the brand’s Brewer’s Project line. Weighing in at 8% ABV (52 IBU), the stout packs a good amount of flavor, but feels a bit thin on the palate for the style.

A good amount of roasty malt, a touch of smoke and an earthy character combine for a moderately robust brew. Antwerpen Stout’s flavor profile and body reminds me a great deal of D. Carnegie Stark Porter. Hints of licorice and a soft cocoa also get into the mix before everything fades slowly to one of the longer lasting finishes of any beer I’ve had recently.

I liked Antwrepen Stout. The brew has a good flavor and is surprisingly reminiscent of the previously mentioned Stark Porter, a beer that I particularly enjoy. I wish it were a little fuller on the tongue, but other than that, there’s not too much to complain about with the array of flavors presented. I could see a few four-packs of this one sitting in my fridge over the Winter months.

This is a review of a promotional sample.