Nov 23, 2016

Ommegang Great Beyond Double IPA

There’s been a recent shift with Ommegang that has me a bit curious. The Cooperstown brewery has been known, for the longest time, as one of the best brewers of Belgian-style ales. I count a handful of their products as some of my all time favorites whether it be the classic Hennepin or the cellarable Three Philosophers. Recently however, the brewery has been releasing more “pedestrian” beer styles — this double IPA, an outstanding imperial stout or roasty oatmeal stouts.

That said, the beer does have a nice earthy character that I particularly enjoy. It’s not overly fruity, whether that’s intentional or due to the time the beer has been in the bottle. It finishes with a lasting hop bite and chest-warming glow. While Great Beyond is pretty tasty, it’s just another double IPA in a crowded market segment.

I never really thought I’d encounter a straightforward product from Ommegang. A beer like this coming from a brewery traditionally known for making outstanding Belgian-style ales worries me a bit — not because of the beer’s quality, but due to the relatively standard beer styles the company is all of a sudden releasing on the market. Is this a sign of consumer tastes or an indication of the company’s future?