Jun 29, 2016

Schlafly Hop Trial: Hallertau Blanc

While the Bramling Cross was the eccentric cousin and Eureka! the more gregarious sibling, Schlafly’s Hallertau Blanc Hop Trial must be the shy one in the family. The 6.5% ABV (45 IBU) golden ale is not nearly as demonstrative in presenting itself as the previous two brews in this variety pack.

Now, that’s not saying the beer isn’t without its merits. It’s a darn tasty brew — it just takes a bit of time to warm up to you and allow itself to shine. Overall, the brew has a much more refined character as soft grassy notes, floral traits and lemony citrus glide smoothly over the tastebuds. The IBU may measure the same as the first two brews in the release, but the bite here feels more tame, as a soft tingle tickles the palate with each sip.

I’m thoroughly enjoying this series from Schlafly Brewing. Experiencing the effects of the various hop varieties in use with each bottle has ben intriguing and, well, just plain fun. So far I loved the uniqueness of the Bramling Cross, the assertive nature of Eureka! and the soft influence of this latest. Each beer has displayed their respective hop influence wonderfully.

This is a review of a promotional sample.