Mar 28, 2016

Starr Hill Grapefruit King of Hop

Starr Hill Brewery just released the Four Kings IPA Pack which features their imperial IPA, King of Hop and three variants of that brew. I really like the concept behind this four-beer release — it offers drinkers an opportunity to experience what a few adjuncts can do to an already tasty brew.

The first variant I opted for was the Grapefruit King of Hop. This 7.5% ABV (50 IBU) imperial IPA uses the same recipe as the base brew, with the exception of some serious dry-hopping involving grapefruit zest. Now, there have been a pile of grapefruit infused IPAs on shelves recently, but none that I have samples have the natural, earthiness that this version of King of Hop brings to the table. The beer packs a good amount of grapefruit influence without the fruit-juicy character that many of its contemporaries present.

The only problem here is that King of Hop doesn’t need the additional zest. While the amped up grapefruit trait doesn’t really hurt the beer, it certainly doesn’t make it any better. I’m sure that the beer will have its fans, and rightfully so — I just prefer the original brews flavors without the boost of zest added.

This is a review of a promotional sample.