Dec 10, 2019

Starr Hill Mocha Double Bass

The final offering in Starr Hill’s Box of Chocolates seasonal pack is the Mocha Double Bass – and it’s my favorite of the four variations. This is actually the second time I’ve encountered this beer from the Virginia brewery. My review of it from 2017 sees a beer that is either vastly different or a reviewer whose tastes (and ability to take notes) have shifted over the years.

This latest iteration of the this 7.8% ABV stout presents a fairly robust and earthy experience that is much different than the aroma and flavors I enjoyed two years ago. Roast, dark coffee fills the nose fully with hints of cocoa filling in the voids. The flavor echos the wonderful scents that arise from the dark surface. It’s robust, earthy with a light dryness and bittersweet character that persists from initial sip to long lasting finish.

This was easily my favorite of the bunch. I thoroughly enjoyed the strong coffee character that Mocha Double Bass provided. The overall presentation was ideal for this time of year – the lightly warming, full body and flavor just makes you all warm and comfy on a cold afternoon.

All in all, Starr Hill have themselves an excellent array of flavors in this wonderful four pack. Each beer offers something completely different from the other despite using the same base formula. I certainly recommend checking each beer out to find which you like the best.

This is a review of a promotional sample.