Nov 28, 2017

Starr Hill Double Bass Mocha Double Chocolate Stout

The final variant in Starr Hill’s Box of Chocolates variety pack sees the brewery take their Double Bass Double Chocolate stout and add even more mocha to its dark depths. And much like the additions of chipotle or peppermint, this variant doesn’t overwhelm the senses with the spotlight ingredient. Mocha Double Bass also shows the brewers know how to use subtlety to great effect.

Double Bass is already a fairly chocolate-driven beer — how does adding mocha to the mix even calculate or seem like it would make that much of a difference to the core flavors? Well, the mocha may not shift the flavor profile in any one direction, but in conjunction with the already earthy nature of the brew, the additional richness and soft bittersweet notes tie in wonderfully. That bittersweet trait however, is the star here, mingling with the smooth roastiness and earthy backbone to create just enough of a difference for it to stand out.

I love when breweries release these special one-off variant offerings. The twists they add to core flavors of the base beer are always intriguing, whether they work or note. In the case of Starr Hill’s Box of Chocolates, each recipe alteration works nicely in order to add subtle shifts in flavor. This mocha version of Double Bass is an interesting option, though not sure if it’s too subtle. That said, I can see the bittersweet flavors and cocoa work as an excellent pairing to a good vanilla ice cream, either on the side or as a float.

This is a review of a promotional sample.