Jul 20, 2017

3 Stars Brewing Courting the Squall

I’ve had a rocky relationship with D.C.-based 3 Stars Brewing. I just haven’t gotten along with their beers all that well. That may have changed after a chance meeting with Courting The Squall, the brewery’s 5% ABV oatmeal stout. The beers I’ve had prior to this can of stout carried either the wrong flavors or just lacked that something extra to make them stand out. This oatmeal stout, however, may be their best product thus far.

The nose leads off with a healthy amount of chocolatey goodness with lingering dark coffee and oats. Once, Courting The Squall hits the tongue, that cocoa steps back a bit allowing a rustic grain quality to step forward, mingling with dark coffee and a hint of tobacco. The result is a stout that is earthy and roasty, yet with just enough of that sweet chocolate to keep everything in check before heading into a finish that begs for another sip.

Just like any beer drinker, I’m not going to like a lot of beer — much of that is down to personal preference, some a result of the beer. I may not have liked previous encounters, but I am thrilled to have finally found a beer from 3 Stars that I thoroughly enjoyed! Courting the Squall is right up my alley. It’s a lightly robust oatmeal stout with great flavor that just makes want to refill my glass repeatedly.