Feb 15, 2018

Terrapin Raspberry Truffle Wake -n-Bake

Terrapin’s Wake-n-Bake series has always been a popular post-dinner treat in Barley Blog headquarters. The rich imperial stout utilizes coffee and oatmeal to their utmost, creating a decadent and dynamic drinking experience. The brewery has been releasing variants the series the past couple of years, as well. Raspberry Truffle Wake-n-Bake employs liquid cacao and raspberries in addition to the typical Jittery Joe’s coffee.

The thought of having a twinge of raspberry fruitiness within this big (9.4% ABV) imperial stout certainly intrigued me when I spied it on shelves the other week. The reality, however, is that there is just way too much raspberry presented here. The jammy and tart fruit takes over the flavor profile, overwhelming the cacao, roasty coffee and base oatmeal stout. It simply distracts too much.

Had the raspberry influence been more measured with this imperial stout, I’m sure that I would have loved it. As it stands, this is just too much of that tart fruitiness for my own personal liking. The ingredient simply doesn’t allow any other flavor a chance to share all that they have to share. I’m sure some folks love this variant of Wake-n-Bake, but it’s just not for me.