Aug 17, 2017

Alewerks Soggy Dollar

So, I just raved about Virginia’s Alewerks being one of the unsung heroes of the state’s craft beer scene. Soggy Dollar, however, is not one of the beers that I would put in the pantheon of great products coming from this brewery. Like any other company making beer these days, you have good bottles and not so good bottles. Sometimes ideas just get away from you. That’s the case of this particular 9.3% ABV Belgian-style blonde ale and its interactions with my own personal preference.

Brewed with pineapple, coconut, orange and nutmeg the flavors presented here are more in line with the pink mixed drink that my wife would order at a beach resort. It doesn’t belong in a beer — at all. I tried to find something about the big beer that I enjoyed, but I couldn’t. Not even its effervescent and lively body, nor the fact that the alcohol potency is hidden so well. I just can’t get past Soggy Dollar’s flavors.

I’m sure there may be someone, somewhere that likes this beer. It’s not me. The flavors just don’t come together in a way that I can sit back and enjoy on a hot June day. I tried. Trust me. Alewerks didn’t impress me with Soggy Dollar so I’ll just stick with one of their double IPAs next time around.