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Jun 18, 2018

Schlafly Releases Hibiscus & Lemongrass Blonde Ale

Press Release Schlafly Beer, the largest locally owned brewery in St. Louis, announces today the upcoming release of Hibiscus & Lemongrass Blonde […]

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Nov 2, 2017

Unibroue Launches 25th Anniversary Blonde de L’enfer

This year, Unibroue is celebrating its 25th anniversary and, as a pioneer of brewing Belgian style ales in North America, is honoring […]

Oct 27, 2017

Reason Beer Blonde

Reason Beer — out of Charlottesville, VA — officially launched just this year. The brewery may be brand new on the scene, […]

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Aug 18, 2017

Lost Rhino Double Bogey

Double Bogey is a Belgian-style blonde ale that Lost Rhino brewed for the 2017 KitchenAid Senior PGA Championship. With a name like […]

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Aug 17, 2017

Alewerks Soggy Dollar

So, I just raved about Virginia’s Alewerks being one of the unsung heroes of the state’s craft beer scene. Soggy Dollar, however, […]

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Jan 2, 2017

Pen Druid Golden Swan

During the same trip to Pen Druid that I picked up Cyclops, a growler of the brewery’s Golden Swan made its way […]

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Nov 22, 2016

Harpoon UFO Winter Blonde

Harpoon UFO has been a staple from the brewery for as long as I can remember. Through the past several years, the […]

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Sep 16, 2016

Chaos Mountain Cheeky Monkey

While Chaos Mountain’s Squatch Ale was a nice introduction to the company, their Cheeky Monkey seems to be a bit of a […]

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Apr 6, 2016

Schlafly Double Bean Blonde

I can’t say that I would have thought a combination of a blonde ale, cocoa nibs and coffee beans would have been […]

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Dec 31, 2014

Unibroue Blonde de Chambly

I know that Unibroue has been conglomerate-owned for many years now, but I’m still a fan of their stable of beers. Whether […]

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Jan 30, 2014

St. Stefanus Blonde

Two things first drew me to this bottle of St. Stefanus Blonde. First was the great label presentation. It’s classy and refined, […]

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Jan 28, 2014

New Belgium Brewing Spring Blonde

Last week, New Belgium brewing announced the arrival of two new seasonal releases this Spring. The first is Spring Blondes, a 6% […]

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