Aug 18, 2017

Lost Rhino Double Bogey

Double Bogey is a Belgian-style blonde ale that Lost Rhino brewed for the 2017 KitchenAid Senior PGA Championship. With a name like this one would expect it to have been a large IPA or something of the like. Instead, we’re presented with an easy drinking, lower alcohol (5.3% ABV) and subtle flavored brew that is ideal for sipping (and/or chugging) while walking along the greens at your local golf courses.

Me, I’m not a golfer nor do I really care all that much for it. I do, however, dig a beer that refreshes like Double Bogey and is easy going down. I’d prefer a bit more oomph to the yeast, grain, cereal notes and soft fruitiness that wash gently over the tongue with each sip. Medium bodied and lightly crisp, the blonde ale finishes with lingering yeast notes.

The straightforward brew gets to the point quickly with a satisfying character. Double Bogey is a fairly simple ale that should add to the enjoyment of any outdoor activity.