Jul 19, 2017

Commonwealth Brewing Wapatoolie

Much like Commonwealth’s Papi Chulo and Big Papi, the artwork on this four-pack of Wapatoolie draws you in instantly. Also like those two tasty brews, this 7.5% ABV (90 IBU) IPA is packed with tremendous hop flavor, as tropical fruits swirl along a brisk and lovingly bitter presentation.

Wapatoolie leans toward the trendier, fruitier IPAs that dominate shelves now, though is not quick to abandon the bite that makes an IPA, an IPA. The brew may weigh in near 100 bitterness units, but certainly doesn’t wreck the palate, rendering your tastebuds worthless or unusable. Instead, the fruitiness (pineapple, mango, orange) and light honey sweetness of Wapatoolie do well to keep the bite in check as everything fades smoothly to a long lasting and refreshing finish.

I’m only three beers into my relationship with Commonwealth — three gloriously tasty and well-hopped beers. If these guys keep this up, my refrigerator is going to be a colorful spectrum of their cans and not much else, especially as the Summer months continue to heat up (it’s going to be near 100° today). A can of Wapatoolie would be perfect for later today.