Nov 20, 2017

Commonwealth Marshmallow Eyes IPA

I’m not typically a fan of gimmicky beers or brews that incorporate silly adjuncts into their recipes, but I still picked up Commonwealth’s Marshmallow Eyes regardless. The company’s products, especially those on the hoppier end of the spectrum, have never steered me wrong before. So, I took a chance on this wheat-based IPA brewed with wildflower honey and, per the brewery’s website, “…a boatload of marshmallows.”

Thankfully, the 6.1% ABV IPA doesn’t tasty like marshmallows. At least, I didn’t pick up any of those white spongey objects while enjoying this fruit-juicy brew. It’s certainly got a fuller body than your standard IPA and that wheat and honey combination comes through nicely. Orange, tangerine, mango and pineapple all make an appearance while herbal and flowery notes linger with a touch of pine resin late. The level of bitterness is fairly low, but still enough to remind you that this cloudy beer in your glass is an IPA.

There are two traits to Marshmallow Eyes that I was particularly happy to taste (or not taste): first the marshmallows that went into the beer don’t overly affect the flavor and second, there’s still a decent hop bite. The IPA is refreshing and satisfying with a fruit-forward flavor that reminded me a good deal of their Oranjelo, which tasted like an alco-pop version of an Orangina. At any rate, Marshmallow Eyes was a tasty brew with a unique twist.