Jan 26, 2017

Flying Dog Single Hop Denali Imperial IPA

One of my favorite series from Maryland’s Flying Dog is their Single Hop Imperial IPA run of beers. It has produced some truly outstanding products and showcases how a single hop can provide a dynamic array of flavors. This latest release in the series features the Denali hop variety, which recently graduated from the experimental label. The imperial IPA weighs in at 8% ABV and 75 IBU.

The Denali hop is described as providing pineapple citrus and pine notes and is suggested for aroma and bittering, but how does it taste and compare to previous efforts in the series? Well the aroma is pretty darn impressive as strong floral and fruit traits waft from the surface. Pineapple and citrus notes also present themselves solidly with soft pine lingering in the background. The flavors are much more muted, however, as pine and grassy notes step forward aggressively to match those biting 75 IBUs. Pine and grain linger in the background as everything fades slowly to a very drying finish.

Dingle Hop Denalie Imperial IPA isn’t the most dynamic or dramatic release in the Flying Dog series, but does provide one of the more aggressive levels of bitterness compared to previous bottles. It’s also a bit too drying for my own liking, but that’s nitpicking. It’s always interesting to see how a single hop can support an entire beer and while this particular variety isn’t as flavorful as others, it does hold its own as a pretty solid, biting IPA.

This is a review of a promotional sample.