Sep 19, 2017

Modern Times Orderville

Modern Times Brewery started showing up on northern Virginia store shelves late June (maybe early July) and my tastebuds are better for it. The first bottle that I decided to crack open is their Orderville, a 7.2% ABV IPA that packs a solid hoppy punch (75 IBU) into what the label describes as “dank.” And that word is what set me off in buying this beer to begin with — I was in the mood for something dank, resinous. Orderville did not disappoint.

Both the nose and flavor are packed with luscious tropical fruits, but also a solid amount of resinous pine that definitely gives the beer that dank character. Orderville is a beer that isn’t just fruit and nothing else — there’s a solid amount of hop bitterness that grabs the tongue playfully before fading ever so slowing into the long lasting finish. A backbone of supporting malts provide notes of cereal and cracker in an effort to balance the hop-forward flavors.

Orderville served as a great introduction to Modern Times. It not only is a great beer, but also satiated the craving I’ve had for something hoppy, piney and dank. It’s nice to encounter a brew that emphasizes the trend of fruit-forward flavors, as well as the resinous pine that paved the road for every IPA on shelves these days. I will be buying more of this beer the next time we cross paths.