Aug 23, 2017

Sierra Nevada East Meets West IPA

One of the big reasons why I like variety packs like Sierra Nevada’s Beer Camp series is that it gives beer drinkers an opportunity to taste products crafted by or influenced by companies that don’t normally make it to their area. Such is the case with East Meets West IPA, a collaborative effort between the iconic west coast brewery and Massachusetts’ Tree House Brewing. Being involved in a project like this also gives those smaller breweries an chance to make a solid impression on a national level.

East Meets West IPA certainly makes an impression. The west coast portion of this 7% ABV (40 IBU) IPA brings in the pine, grapefruit and a touch of cattiness while the eastern influence comes in a bit stronger with a flowery, fruit-forward array of flavors. The beer is almost perfumey in its floral nature as hints of mango and pineapple wash over the tongue as the west coast flavors step back a touch, lingering late in the lasting finish.

I’m not sure how much of that typical dank west coast style IPA really made it into this IPA. The New England influence is pretty damn strong here as flowery hop notes and tropical fruits dominate with a fairly low amount of bitterness. I suppose it’s hard to please everybody in a situation like this beer, but I personally would have liked a little more west coast in the mix.