Mar 28, 2017

Starr Hill Mango Habanero King of Hop Imperial IPA

For last year’s variety four pack, Starr Hill’s Habanero King of Hop Imperial IPA hit all the right marks for a well-balanced and fiery IPA. The brewery has brought that beer back with for this latest effort, but with an earthy, fruity twist. The base IPA already has a wonderfully tropical fruit character, but the addition of mango to the mix just adds an increased depth of flavor.

The habanero chili influence is potent, but not so fiery that it overwhelms the rest of the flavors presented in this lively and refreshing beer. The heat level is at just the right level, engulfing the entire mouth in a moderate peppery tingle before fading quite slowly to a lasting tingle on the tongue. Pine and tropical fruit notes mingle quite well with that peppery warmth as a lively mouthfeel delivers everything smoothly and evenly.

It’s no secret that I love a good bit of fiery peppers in my life. When they are used appropriately in a beer, especially a well-rounded and fruity IPA like King of Hop, I’m all for it. The heat in this brew is at just the right level for the rest of the flavors and presents a unique and exciting twist on an already good beer. As part of King of Hop’s variant four-pack, the beer offers an excellent diversion from your standard fruit-forward flavors.

This is a review of a promotional sample.