Mar 15, 2018

Central State Garden

It would be difficult to not notice this bright yellow can of Central State Brewing’s Garden. That label artwork certainly drew my attention and having never encountered anything from the company prior to that sighting, I ended up adding it to my purchase. The decision would prove to have been a wise one as this 3.6% ABV gose is pretty darn tasty.

Central State has brewed a tasty little brew with lemon peal and Cascade hops that take it a few steps from your traditional example of the style. While the hop addition doesn’t really present a strong case for itself, the lemony citrus notes throughout the experience are a nice touch to go along with the moderate sour tartness that dominates the flavor profile. A solid amount of salinity is present from start to lingering, lightly drying finish as there should be in a gose. The effervescent mouthfeel adds a refreshing quality to the beer.

While the salt and sourness are the primary elements within Garden, I particularly enjoyed the lemony citrus notes the beer provided. It was certainly a nice touch that really didn’t distract from the base style and, in conjunction with the lively mouthfeel, made for a beer that would be quite a treat in the warmer months to come. i’m just hoping there are still cans of it still around by then.