Jul 24, 2019

Commonwealth Tepache

I’m a big fan of what Commonwealth Brewing has proven they can do with your ever-popular IPA. Their beers from Papi Chulo to Iconoclast are just so well made and flavorful. Hell, Tepache (7% ABV) isn’t even the first gose of their’s that I’ve crossed paths with. What I’m saying is they make good beer.

Tepache, as stated above, is a gose — and much like the other products I have encountered, it’s pretty darn good. Brewed with Cinnamon, chili powder, anise, clove and coconut palm sugar you would expect the beer to be pretty complex, or even potentially overly complex. And yet, it’s not.

Sure some of the chili powder comes out in the nose along with some citrus and a hint of anise, but a sharp tartness dominates. Thankfully the sourness hits quickly and fades nearly as quickly once the beer hits the tastebuds. That brief peak allows citrus notes, grain, spices and a hint of coconut to sneak into play. A touch of cinnamon and clove linger, but there’s not much of a chili powder presence as a light salinity comes through in the lasting finish.

Tepache is a unique brew with an interesting flavor profile which I’m glad wasn’t too much for my palate to handle. The sour tartness is as a manageable level and the myriad of ingredients actually do well amongst one another, no one stealing the spotlight from the rest. I think I’d personally like to feel that chili powder a tad more, but other than that, this one is good to go.