Mar 20, 2018

Commonwealth and Central State So Pitted

Just last week, I posted a review for Central State’s Garden, a tasty little gose with excellent flavor and character. And now, we’ve got a collaboration with that new-to-me brewery and Virginia’s Commonwealth Brewing. So Pitted is a 5.2% ABV gose-style brew crafted with grilled peaches and a touch of smoked wheat malt.

Peaches dominate the flavor profile and aroma while a super light hint of smoke lingers at the edges. Salinity, lemony citrus and a good amount of sour tartness that tingles the nose and grips the tongue briskly. That sour presence is quite assertive and peaks swiftly before eventually fading slowly while those grilled peaches rise to meet the tartness as everything moves smoothly to the long lasting finish. The smoked wheat malt is faint at best, really only showing late in that lightly drying finish.

I’m a big fan of what these two breweries have accomplished with So Pitted. The gose has great flavor and potent tartness, yet still makes for a refreshing and wonderfully entertaining experience. Central State has quickly proven themselves adept at the style in just the two beers I’ve encountered that they have been involved with. And Commonwealth just continues to show why they are increasing their grip on my beer fridge as a go-to favorite. This beer isn’t for everyone, but for those more adventurous drinkers will be in for a treat.