Jul 31, 2019

Around The Bend Ramblin’ Rosé

Ramblin’ Rosé is the second of three samples I received from Chicago’s District Brew Yards collective. This 5% ABV (10 IBU) fruit beer comes from Around the Bend Beer Company and it’s pretty darn entertaining.

As a rosé, I was expecting this little brew to be of a blush color and effervescent. Instead, when pouring this one into the glass, I was greeted by a brew that was much darker than expected, sitting a deep purple-red in color. I guess the “liberal use” of raspberries in the brew certainly was that.

Those fruit dominate the aroma and flavor with an earthy, not-so-sweet presentation while cranberries and hibiscus offer up a twinge of acidity and soft floral notes. I was expecting Ramlin’ Rosé to be cloying and jammy based on the way it looked in the glass. Thankfully, that was not the case. The flavors work quite well with one another as this one glides effortlessly across the palate.

That said, I do wish the soft mouthfeel was a bit more crisp and the finish not so drying. Those are obviously personal preferences, but I feel the beer isn’t quite as bubbly refreshing as it could be. At any rate, Rablin’ Rosé hit the spot nicely.

This is a review of a promotional sample.