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Notes Archive

May 5, 2010

Bud Light Back as Official Beer of NFL

It appears as though Coors Light’s short run as the official beer sponsor of the NFL is officially over as of the […]

Apr 30, 2010

43% ABV Anyone?

Schorschbräu has struck back at the Brewdog folks with Schorschbock 43% (and apparently have hopes of hitting 50% ABV in the near […]

Apr 29, 2010

More Details on Anchor Sale

Jay Brooks reports on an interview he had with one of the new Anchor owners, Keith Greggor. There’s lots of good information […]

Apr 8, 2010

Carlsberg Workers Striking Over Lunch-time Beer Policy

Some may call the brewery workers’ actions ridiculous, but personally, I’m thinking of striking in order to gain the ability to have […]

Apr 7, 2010

Session #39 Announced

I do love it when brewers join forces to produce limited one-off collaborations. I’ve already reviewed a couple on this site and […]

Mar 10, 2010

New Dutch 45% ABV Beer in the Wild

I’m not entirely sure when this little tidbit of news broke, but apparently there is now a third party in the higher-than-high […]

Mar 8, 2010

Session #38 Announced

The thirty eighth installment of The Session has been announced. Check it out.

Feb 24, 2010

World Beer Festival Coming to Richmond

After having to cancel their arrival to the same area last year, The World Beer Festival will be held June 12 of […]

Feb 19, 2010

The High ABV Wars Heat Up

From beernews.org comes word that Schorschbräu is once again set to top Brewdog’s Bismarck with a 45% ABV beer. With allegations of […]

Feb 16, 2010

Brewdog Hits 41% ABV with Sink the Bismarck

Looks like Brewdog didn’t wait too long in trying to one up Schorschbräu’s 40% ABV brew. Sink The Bismarck is the latest […]

Feb 15, 2010

What Effect Smaller Barrels?

It’s been a while since I’ve posted any bourbon related stuff on the site, but this may be of interest to those […]

Feb 11, 2010

Century-old Whisky Found in Antarctic

I meant to post some news on this when I first heard about it, but for some reason never did. At any […]