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Virginia Beer Archive

Jan 20, 2012

Mad Fox Brewing Company to Host Barleywine Festival in February

Press Release FALLS CHURCH, VA – The award-winning Mad Fox Brewing Company, known for their unique house-crafted brew pub experience, has announced […]

Jan 19, 2012

Port City Tartan Ale Label Artwork

Yesterday I shared with you all a press release from Port City Brewing that announced the release of their new limited Scottish […]

Jan 19, 2012

Lost Rhino Brewing Rhinoel

After enjoying Lost Rhino’s RhinO’fest a little while back I’ve since made sure to keep my an eye open for any of […]

Jan 18, 2012

Port City Brewing Announce Tartan Ale

Press Release Alexandra, Virginia — Bill Butcher, founder of Port City Brewing Company, located at 3950 Wheeler Avenue in Alexandria, VA is […]

Jan 13, 2012

Devils Backbone Expanding Distribution for 2012

There’s a local restaurant (that’s relatively new in the Warrenton area) only a short drive from the house that focuses on Virginia-only […]

Dec 13, 2011

Port City Brewing Tidings

Port City Brewing has been a big hit with me the past few months. Thier Monumental IPA and Porter have been in […]

Nov 21, 2011

Port City Brewing Brings Good Tidings This Holiday Season

Alexandria, Virginia (November 21, 2011)— Bill Butcher, owner of Port City Brewing Company, located at 3950 Wheeler Avenue in Alexandria, VA is […]

Nov 18, 2011

Lost Rhino RhinO’fest

Man, I’ve got a huge backlog of reviews to get through. Just to show you how far behind I am, this bottle […]

Oct 1, 2011

Virginia Breweries Medal at Great American Beer Festival

The winners list for this years Great American Beer Festival has just been announced. You can check all the winners out here. […]

Sep 30, 2011

Williamsburg Alewerks Pumpkin Ale

More pumpkin ale! There have been a ton of new pumpkin-base brews available this year — and I’ve been trying to drink […]

Sep 19, 2011

Legend Porter

Now, that’s a head More often than not, if I’ve got a Legend Brewing beer in my hands it’s their tasty and […]

Jun 2, 2011

Port City Essential Pale Ale

I’m not so sure that I would agree with the name of this brew. Sure, Port City Brewing’s Pale Ale is darn […]