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Feb 15, 2017

Upslope Craft Lager

When offered the opportunity to sample a beer or two from a brewery that doesn’t distribute to Virginia, I take it. It […]

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Jan 10, 2017

Deschutes Introduces New Year-Round Pacific Wonderland Lager

Press Release 10 January 2017 – Bend, Oregon – Nearly 60 years ago, the motto “Pacific Wonderland” first showed up on license […]

Dec 6, 2016

Flying Dog Horchata Lager and Sugar Cookie Pairing

I’ve been fortunate enough to receive samples of beer from a number of smart, inventive and skilled brewers for a few years […]

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May 16, 2016

Flying Dog Ancho Lime Paradise Lager

Ancho Lime Paradise Lager is Flying Dog’s second release in their new Heat Series that was announced earlier this year. The first […]

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Dec 22, 2015

Anchor California Lager

Anchor Brewing California Lager is the company’s nearly faithful recreation of a beer first brewed by Boca (a small brewery) during the […]

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Jul 28, 2015

Weltenburger Kloster Barock Dunkel

I’m a big fan of dunkels and any time I happen across a new one (especially from a German brewery I haven’t […]

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Jul 8, 2015

Shmaltz Brewing Bock Bock

Shmaltz Brewing Company’s Bock Bock isn’t the first bourbon barrel-aged doppelbock that I’ve encountered. In fact, the best example of the style […]

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Apr 6, 2015

Lost Rhino Brewing Megafauna

Ah, yes, the india pale lager, or IPL for you acronym loving peoples — the bastard offspring of hoppy IPAs and tasty, […]

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Feb 26, 2015

South Street Brewery Virginia Lager

After cracking open the decent Satan’s Pony, I was looking forward to what South Street’s Virginia Lager has in store for me. […]

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Nov 4, 2014

Sierra Nevada Electric Ray

I’ve never really understood the whole India Pale Lager thing the past couple of years, but that hasn’t stopped me from enjoying […]

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Sep 17, 2014

Gordon Biersch Golden Export

It’s been several years since I last had a Gordon Biersch beer — a group gathering for a coworker’s going away party […]

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Aug 18, 2014

Wasatch Last One In Lager

A couple of weeks ago, I received a generous package from the Wasatch/Squatters brewing group (embedded tweet below). Just arrived: @utahbeers samples. […]

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