Sep 11, 2012

Kulmbacher Brauerei AG EKU Pils

It’s been just about four and a half years since I first tried this German brewery’s EKU 28 — a big, malty and sweet beer that I really enjoyed. It’s also been that long since I’ve seen anything else from Kulmbacher Brauerei AG on any beer shelves in my area.

Once I spied this bottle of the company’s Pils, I knew I had to pick it up and try it out. Who knows when anything from them would appear at the local beer shop again. Besides, I was in the mood for a nice pilsner so that also influenced the purchase. EKU Pils is a 5% ABV traditional German pilsner. It’s a beer that reminds me I don’t drink nearly enough beers of this style.


The pilsner pours a pale yellow with good clarity. A smallish white head dropped quickly to a thin collar and decent lacing.


The clean aroma has a bready malt character with a light sweetness, grains and distant grassy, floral hops.


The beer tastes lovely. A light malt sweetness, grains and cereal start the beer off nicely as it smoothly transitions to a refreshing and dry finish that has a moderate hop presence and light bite. EKU Pils is well balanced with a moderate carbonation and medium body.


I thoroughly enjoyed the refreshing and traditional vibe that this beer exudes. Like I stated in the intro, this is a beer that served as a great reminder that I need mor authentic Germen pilsners and lagers in my diet. It’s a tasty brew that refreshes the palate nicely.

Rating: 3.75/5

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