Jan 12, 2016

Avery Brewing Twenty Two

Avery Brewing is one of those companies that (for the past twenty two years) has mastered just about any style of beer they make. Their standard, year-round beers are solid each and every time. Their seasonal and limited releases, whether part of the barreling program or not, are always outstanding. All of these are supporting reasons to check out their latest anniversary celebration — it’s just a damn good beer.

Twenty Two is a 6% ABV dry-hopped wild ale fermented with Brettanomyces. The result is a beer that is wild, yet refined. It’s not nearly as aggressive as some of the company’s more potent and sour wilds that they’ve released in the past. And that’s what makes this beer so special. It’s funky with a good bit of barnyard character and hop flavor, but still approachable with a lively and fun overall character.

I’m not sure how cellarable Twenty Two is as it does have a somewhat delicate nature, but the Brett could develop a good deal more if you are willing to take the chance. I know of a stash still on shelves at a local shop, so I might take that chance and steal a couple away for a year or two. And if I’m not that patient, I still win out with a tasty, tasty brew.