Jul 14, 2017

Trinity Brewing TPS Report

I originally picked up this bottle of Trinity’s TPS Report (along with a couple other of their beers) pretty much for its name and label artwork. I’m not an Office Space fanboy by any means, but it’s a pretty damn funny and at times, true-to-life movie. The fact that this 4.8% ABV wile ale also has a couple of GABF medals under its belt certainly helped in deciding to grab a bottle.

Before heading into French oak chardonnay barrels (with rose petals), TPS Report is crafted with flaked oats, flaked wheat and a blend of tangerine and lemon zest — then fermented with Brettanomyces. The result is a beer that is full-flavored, dynamic, delicate and 100% pleasing on the palate. It’s not overly tart or sour, almost like a strong lemonade in that regard. An earthy funk ad plenty of lemony citrus notes combine with old vine grapes and wood for an array of flavors that refreshes and quenches the soul.

It’s easy to see why this treat of a beer snagged a couple of medals durning the 2009 and 2012 GABF awards ceremonies. TPS Report is a heck of a little beer with great flavor. It’s one of those beers that I could go through a good number of during and long and lazy Summer weekend afternoon. Now, if only I could find a few more bottles.