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Jan 19, 2017

Schlafly Announces New Hop Allocation Series

Press Release (ST. LOUIS; January 19, 2017) — Schlafly Beer introduces today the Hop Allocation Series, a year-round IPA experience featuring eight […]

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Dec 20, 2016

Schlafly Beer Introduces “From The Ibex Cellar” Series

Press Release (ST. LOUIS; December 20, 2016)—Schlafly Beer introduces today a new, premium series for 2017: From The Ibex Cellar. The new […]

Jul 1, 2016

Schlafly Hop Trial: Enigma

This last bottle of Schlafly’s Hop Trial variety pack uses the same base golden ale as the previous three, but swaps out […]

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Jun 29, 2016

Schlafly Hop Trial: Hallertau Blanc

While the Bramling Cross was the eccentric cousin and Eureka! the more gregarious sibling, Schlafly’s Hallertau Blanc Hop Trial must be the […]

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Jun 27, 2016

Schlafly Hop Trial: Eureka!

Eureka! is the second of the four beers that I pulled from Schlafly’s Hop Trials variety pack. The gist behind the release […]

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Jun 24, 2016

Schlafly Brewing Hop Trial: Bramling Cross

I love concepts like Schlafly’s Hop Trials SMaSH (single malt and single hop) Pack. On July 4th, the company will release this […]

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Apr 6, 2016

Schlafly Double Bean Blonde

I can’t say that I would have thought a combination of a blonde ale, cocoa nibs and coffee beans would have been […]

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Dec 23, 2015

Schlafly White Lager

I’ve had a few white lagers (Zwickelbier) in my time, but this is the first official review I’ve done for an example […]

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Dec 18, 2015

Schlafly Grapefruit IPA

Of the two grapefruit-driven IPAs (Stone Brewing and Ballast Point) that I’ve had fairly recently, both showcased the citrusy melon to its […]

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Nov 19, 2015

Schlafly Beer Announces White Lager

Press Release (ST. LOUIS; Nov. 16, 2015)—Schlafly Beer, the largest independent and locally owned craft brewery in Missouri, announces the release of […]

Jan 29, 2015

Schlafly Coffee Stout

Few things in the beer world go together as well as a good stout and coffee. I hadn’t encountered Schlafly’s Coffee Stout […]

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Mar 26, 2014

Schlafly Tasmanian IPA

I love to see what a brewery can do with a single ingredient. With the large amount of single-hop IPAs that are […]

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