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Nov 7, 2014

Sierra Nevada There and Back

Brewery collaborations like There and Back, found in Sierra Nevada’s Beer Camp Across America mixed pack, offer folks like me an opportunity […]

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Nov 4, 2014

Sierra Nevada Electric Ray

I’ve never really understood the whole India Pale Lager thing the past couple of years, but that hasn’t stopped me from enjoying […]

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Oct 31, 2014

Sierra Nevada Torpedo Pilsner

Torpedo Pilsner is a collaboration between Sierra Nevada and Firestone Walker for the Beercamp Across American mixed pack. This 5.2% ABV and […]

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Oct 29, 2014

Sierra Nevada Canfusion

And the Sierra Nevada Beercamp Across America train keeps on chugging. Up next is Canfusion, a collaborative endeavor with the good folks […]

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Oct 27, 2014

Sierra Nevada Yonder Bock

Yonder Bock is the fourth brew from Sierra Nevada’s Beer Camp Across America collaboration variety pack. This 7.7% ABV (45 IBU) Maibock […]

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Oct 23, 2014

Sierra Nevada Alt Route

The second beer that I tackled from Sierra Nevada’s Beer Camp Across America mixed pack is Alt Route. This 6.6% ABV (50 […]

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Oct 22, 2014

Sierra Nevada Chico King

Sierra Nevada’s Beer Camp 12 pack isn’t just any other cobbled together package of beer — it’s not just a bunch of […]

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Jun 30, 2014

Sierra Nevada Beer Camp West Coast Double IPA

I really like the marketing concept behind this bottle of Sierra Nevada Beer Camp West Coast Double IPA. Not only does it […]

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Jun 23, 2014

Sierra Nevada Announces Beer Camp Across America West Coast Double IPA

Press Release Chico, CA—June 23, 2014—Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. is sending a flavorful request instead of a formal one, today shipping to […]

May 16, 2014

Sierra Nevada Harvest Single Hop IPA – Yakima #291

A well crafted single-hopped beer of any style can showcase the array of flavors that our favorite flower can produce. Whether of […]

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Jan 9, 2014

Sierra Nevada DevESTATEtion Black IPA

Let’s start this review of Sierra Nevada DevESTATEtion Black IPA with the company’s own words on how this tasty brew came about: […]

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Jan 3, 2014

Sierra Nevada Bigfoot Fermentation Time-Lapse

Check out the fermentation activity of one of my all-time favorite brews below. Awesome.