Mar 4, 2009

Lagunitas Brown Shugga

Beer Label: Lagunitas Brown Shugga

I could have sworn that I had already published a review for this tasty beer. I’ve professed my love for all things Lagunitas in the past so I’ll try not to repeat myself here — although, I suppose I’ve already gone and done it. At any rate, I hunted long and hard for this beer only to find it on a whim at a local Wegman’s that had only recently opened for business.

As a strong ale goes, it’s got a bit of a twist when compared to some of its contemporaries that I’ve had in the past. I suppose it’s the “…200 pounds of pure brown sugar in each 30-barrel batch.”


Brown Shugga pours a hazy, reddish amber in color with a large fluffy head.


After pouring this one into the glass I turned to the opposite side of the room to deposit the bottle in the trash can and could still smell the brew’s aromatics cleanly. Molasses, brown sugar, lightly roasted malt and a bit of hoppiness welcomed me each time I took a sniff. This things smells delightful and does smooth job of masking the 9.5% ABV.


Wow. At first the only thing I tasted was the lightly toasted malt and brown sugar sweetness. But as the glass warmed a bit, the hops came forward to help balance out the sweetness in the finish. I suppose I could get away with enjoying one tonight.


I’ve had a few strong ales in my time, but this could very well be my favorite. It’s honestly been a struggle not to consume that last three bottles that have been sitting in the cellar since late last year. The balance of brown sugar, toasted malt and hops makes for a smooth sipping brew that’s perfect relaxing evening.

Rating: 4/5

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