Dec 5, 2012

New Holland Full Circle

New Holland makes some decent brews, two of which make an routine appearance in our house throughout the year. Their Dragon’s Milk and Cabin Fever Brown Ale (which is in the fridge as we speak) are both great beers and worthy of purchasing more of each year. As a result, I like to try out any of their beers I can find regardless of the timeliness of the season.

Kolsch styled brews are usually enjoyed in the Spring, but with the warmer weather we’ve been having in Virginia (it hit 70 yesterday) the past couple of weeks, I’ve got no problem with busting open a crisp and tasty brew like New Holland’s Full Circle. The 4.9% ABV beer isn’t quite a sessionable brew, but it’s light enough in terms of alcohol that a couple of them can go a long way in refreshing the palate on a gorgeous, sunny afternoon.


Full Circle pours a pale, muted amber in color with a large and resilient crown of white foam.


Crackers, bready malt, light grains, lemony citrus notes and light grassy hops all come together for an inviting nose.


Initial impressions are that the beer is fairly spot-on for what I expect from the style as cereal, bready malts, a light sweetness and grains arrive first before transitioning smoothly through to a lightly bitter and hoppy finish. It’s not as crisp on the tongue as several examples of the style I’ve had in the past have been, but that doesn’t take away from the enjoyment or refreshment any. The beer is easy drinking with a slightly drying finish.


It may be December, but with the warm weather on the day I enjoyed it, the beer was just right. A light hop presence to go along with the biscuity malt backbone made for a refreshing and relaxing brew. I’ll be sure to look it up again come this Spring.

Rating: 3.5/5

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