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Jan 18, 2019

Escutcheon Brewing Growler Kolsch

As I have stated more than a few times on this site, the Kolsch style holds a special spot in my drinking […]

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Jul 23, 2018

Parkway Brewing Majestic Mullet

I’m a big fan of a good, crisp Kolsch. A good example of the style just can’t be beat when it comes […]

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May 29, 2018

Surly Heat Slayer

The weather hasn’t been too hot on a consistent basis just yet this year, but if the heat from this past Saturday […]

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Aug 26, 2016

Rogue Honey Kolsch

I’m not sure when I purchased this bottle of Rogue’s Honey Kolsch, but I know that it wasn’t too long before I […]

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Jun 20, 2016

Highland Brewing Lost Cove Kolsch

A little over 17 years ago I married my college sweetheart. In celebration of that event, my father-in-law brewed a kolsch, bottled […]

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Jul 29, 2015

Champion Brewing Killer Kolsch

Champion Brewing Killer Kolsch has been around for a little while now, but for some reason, it never made its way into […]

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Jul 27, 2015

Victory Brewing Kuhl Kolsch

The K├Âlsch will always have a special place in my heart. As part of my wedding celebration (so many moons ago), my […]

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Sep 30, 2014

Weeping Radish OBX Beer

I’ve been visiting the Outer Banks with family for several years now, but it wasn’t until a trip this past June that […]

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Sep 19, 2014

Gordon Biersch Summerbrau

In addition to the tasty Golden Export that was reviewed earlier this week, I also had the opportunity to sample several Gordon […]

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Apr 30, 2014

Shiner Kolsch

The kolsch has a special place in my heart — my father-in-law brewed a great tasting one for the day I married […]

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Oct 3, 2013

Mother Earth Endless River

And finally we come to the last bottle of what seems to be a never ending “thank you” six pack. Mother Earth […]

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Dec 5, 2012

New Holland Full Circle

New Holland makes some decent brews, two of which make an routine appearance in our house throughout the year. Their Dragon’s Milk […]

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