Oct 7, 2013

Devils Backbone Schwartz Bier

Devils Backbone Brewing crafts some tasty brews in general, but what I really love about this company is there attention to detail in the Lager realm. Whether it’s the award winning Vienna Lager (which I drink a good amount of on a regular basis) or their fun Turbo Cougar, the brewery knows their way around this genre of beer. The only thing that they were missing was a Schwarzbier of black lager.

Well, as evident by this review and the many bottles of Schwartz Bier stacked in my basement fridge, we do, in fact, now have a tasty dark lager from the Nelson County institution. This 5.1% ABV brew is a great example of the style and is probably one of the better that I have enjoyed through the years coming out of a U.S. based brewery. Rich, roasty and darn near quaffable, Schwartz Bier will continue to make an appearance in my fridge for as long as its made.


The beer pours a very dark, cola brown with a quickly dropping mocha head that finished as patchy surface cover.


Distant campfire char, tobacco, roast malt, grain, subtle coffee and light cocoa all mix for a wonderful aromoa.


Schwartz Bier tastes great with a richness and driving roast character with hints of coffee that linger nicely in the clean finish. The beer has a rather sharp crispness and medium body. A light astringency lingers gently on the tongue in the lasting finish. The alcohol is no where to be found making for a beer that is refreshing and quite drinkable.


If I had to find something to complain about with Schwartz Bier, it would be the sharpness of the carbonation. Beyond that, this is a wonderfully executed brew that carries a great flavor that is more than appropriate for the colder days of late Fall and Winter. I will be sure to stockpile a case or two in the coming weeks in preparation.

Rating: 4/5

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