Feb 20, 2014

Sixpoint Global Warmer

I’ve come to realize in the recent years that despite my general dislike of red ales, I’ve come to enjoy those that have been heavily hopped. Examples include Green Flash’s Hop Head Red and Oskar Blues G’Knight. Now, if any one is going to make a hoppy red ale that I’m no doubt going to enjoy it would bit Sixpoint Craft Ales — the wizards of hops — and their Global Warmer.

Well, the brewery certainly has packed a decent amount of citrusy hops into the 7% ABV Global Warmer, but in the end it is still a red ale and just doesn’t suit my liking. Sure it’s got a solid bit of pine resin and grapefruit, but the tell-tale characteristics of the style are certainly evident and cause for me to add Global Warmer to a long list of beers I won’t purchase again.


The brew pours a light copper in color with a crown fo sticky, beige foam and a good amount of sediment floating about which you can see as the dark spots in the photo below.

Sixpoint Global Warmer photo


Citrusy fruits (grapefruit, orange) leads the way for peaty malt and caramel.


At 70 IBU, Global Warmer packs a solid hop bite that is evident immediately with each sip, but it’s not enough to overcome the red ale basics. Big peaty malt, caramel and bread mingle with a healthy does of pine and grapefruit. The alcohol is masked quite well and the brew finishes lightly drying.


I love what Sixpoint has done with Resin, Bengali Tiger and even their superb porter 3Beans, but they can’t help me with my red ale problem. It’s a personal preference obviously and I’m sure that fans of the style and brewery will love this one, but it’s just not for me. That said, it does drink well in terms of it’s refreshment and body.

Rating: 3.25/5

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