Apr 29, 2016

3 Stars Brewing Zombie Date Night

I’ve had a bit of a hit or miss experience with D.C.’s 3 Stars Brewing the past year or so. One brew was infected and a Peppercorn Saison was a bit off in terms of style. The company’s Madness (a 12.4% ABV Old Ale), on the other hand, was a solid offering. This bottle of Zombie Date Night is by far the best beer from the brewery that I’ve had the pleasure of cracking open.

Weighing in at 9.6% ABV, this imperial porter is brewed with cocoa nibs and raspberries. As big as it is, Zombie Date Night drinks surprisingly easily. Perhaps it’s the bucket loads of raspberries floating about within its dark depths. The fruit is present on the nose and tongue, but isn’t overly jammy as some examples I’ve had in the past. A late forming hop bite and touch of bitter dark coffee character work to balance everything out.

Zombie Date Night isn’t a beer that I’m going to age like Madness, but its fun factor and flavor profile make it a treat of a beer. Despite leaning pretty heavily on the raspberries, the beer is well balanced and presents a fairly dynamic overall experience. I’ll definitely pick up another bottle the next time it comes around.