Oct 4, 2016

Ithaca Super Stout

You don’t see too many oatmeal stouts brewed with coffee — at least, I haven’t run into too many of them through the years. I also don’t see too many products from Ithaca Beer Company in my area. So, when I spied a bottle of their Super Stout, a 4.9% ABV oatmeal stout brewed with coffee beans, it felt like a no-brainer in adding it to my purchase.

Super Stout has a good flavor and lightly earthy character but there are a couple of spots where it misses the mark slightly. It’s not quite as smooth as many oatmeal stouts I have enjoyed, though it does have a lightly earthy character that I particularly like. The coffee beans add a good bit of flavor without imparting any acrid bitterness. The brew has a twinge of robustness before finishing a bit too dry.

Overall, I enjoyed most of Super Stout. It’s not quite as smooth and a bit too dry for what I personally look for in an oatmeal stout, but those aspects didn’t deter the drinking experience too much. I did enjoy that lightly earthy character as it mingled with oats and coffee.