Nov 1, 2019

The Bruery So Happens It’s Tuesday with Coffee

Back in 2016, I happened across a bottle of The Bruery’s So Happens It’s Tuesday. It was a damn fine imperial stout and one that I enjoyed thoroughly. Back in January of 2019, I crossed paths with an unexpected variant of that decadent brew.

So Happens It’s Tuesday with Coffee is the exact same beer but with the addition of fresh coffee beans. And while it doesn’t make a world of difference in the end result, the coffee does help accentuate the smooth roastiness that existed in the original. The big stout (14.7% ABV) is just as decadent as ever and wholly dominated by a wonderful blend of bourbon, wood, anise, vanilla and chocolate notes.

The fresh coffee beans are certainly present in the aroma and taste, but they don’t alter it all that much really. The influence does more to accentuate the light roasty chart that was already present in the original version of this beer.

Looking at my notes of the tasting, I see that I had to do some shoveling out from the first snowfall of the year. I can only imagine how rewarding it was to sit down with the rich and full-flavored (and nicely warming) So Happens It’s Tuesday with Coffee.