Apr 21, 2017

Allagash Hibernal Fluxus

Much like the Hefeweisen, the Belgian-inspired stout has never really worked for my particular preferences. I’ve had many of them throughout the years and just about each one has produced a conflicting flavor profile, pitting telltale Belgian yeast against your standard roasty stout character. It’s a combination that has confused my tastebuds for years and one that I, really, just don’t like. Also much like the Hefes of the world, that didn’t stop me from picking up a bottle of Allagash’ Hibernal Fluxus.

Hibernal Fluxus is a new Winter seasonal that the brewery released last year to go along with their traditional Summer-time Fluxus release. Brewed with the company’s house yeast strain and figs, this 8% ABV beer is carries all the great roasty, chocolatey and lightly smokey flavors of a good imperial stout. There’s also plenty of Belgian yeast in the mix, as well, competing for my attention. Figs show up late in each swallow, lingering in the lasting and lightly drying finish.

I love Belgian beer and big stouts, but for some reason, the combination of the two styles has never really worked for me. As I continue to do with wheat-based beers, I will still hunt out that one Belgian stout that works best for me — Allagash’s Hibernal Fluxus is darn close. It’s certainly one of the better examples of the style. Perhaps it’s the figs that have helped out my tastebuds here.