Dec 18, 2017

Commonwealth Trouvaille

I’m beginning to believe that Commonwealth Brewing are able to craft a solid example of just about any beer style they want. The company’s IPAs have always created wonderful drinking experiences. Last week’s review of Tapestry showed that the brewery isn’t afraid to tackle a sour with equal craftsmanship. And now, we’ve got Trouvaille, a 6.8% ABV saison-style brew that packs in a good bit of wild traits, as well.

A moderate level of tartness is present immediately, mingling with yeasty funk and earthy notes beautifully. Grain, lemony citrus, grass and herbal notes all swirl around the palate as the crisp, medium-bodied Trouvaille re-invigorates with its lively character. The blend of flavors and overall character of this tart saison would have been ideal on a warmer day, but also served nicely as an escape from a late November cold snap.

I have loved Commonwealth’s IPAs, but the more and more of their other products that I drink (and enjoy), the more I see they are capable of so much more. Each beer that I’ve had recently has been top notch and thoroughly layered with flavor and dynamic elements. I guess I’ll be spending more money on brews like Trouvaille in the future. Time to dip into the kid’s college fund.