Dec 12, 2017

Ghost of Broad Run Chocolate Imperial Stout

The wife and I recently escaped the kid for an evening out a couple of weeks ago. We opted to hit up The Farm Brewery at Broad Run prior to dinner as it’s relatively close to Barley Blog HQ and they make a pretty fine beer. I went with the BRX, a Belgian-style dubbel while the wife enjoyed a pint of double IPA, Mastermind Mosaic. I typically get a growler fill for later enjoyment, but spaced on packing one for the trip. I was saved however when I noticed the new-to-me crowler station and snagged 32 ounces of the company’s Ghost of Broad Run Chocolate Imperial Stout for later enjoyment.

This 8% ABV (40 IBU) imperial stout is brewed with plenty of roast malt and cocoa nib. The result is a beer that is balanced nicely between decadent and earthy, never really tipping too heavily into either realm as dark coffee and chocolate wash easily over the tastebuds. Ghost of Broad Run is full bodied and goes down dangerously smooth with little hint of the alcohol content it presents. As the beer warms, I pick up mint within its dark depths that I’m not sure is supposed to be there or not — I even had the wife verify that it was there and I hadn’t become delusional.

Ghost of Broad Run is a decent stout. It’s got the full body and bit of hop bitterness that I like in a good example of the style. There’s that interesting hint of mint that lingers after each sip that is interesting and a bit different. Other than that, it’s a good brew. Personally, I’d would have liked it to take a dip fuller into either the earthier end or be a bit more decadent with the flavor profile.