Jan 9, 2018

Perennial Abraxas

I’m a big fan of Pernnenial Ales’ Sump Coffee Imperial Stout and chilis, so it was a no-brainer that I picked up a bottle of the company’s Abraxas when I finally crossed paths with it. This 10% ABV imperial stout is brewed with ancho peppers, cacao nibs, vanilla bean, and cinnamon. Abraxas isn’t as rich as Sump, but its array for flavors make for dynamic and layered flavor profile.

The cacao and cinnamon are present in the nose and flavor right from the start leading the way for the other elements in both instances. The ancho chili offers up a nice peppery tingle to Abraxas’ aroma, but almost disappears once the beer hits the tastebuds, leaving just a hint of chili warmth really late into the finish. I’d personally prefer a bit more heat, but that’s just me being me. Coffee and a good bit of sweetness are carried along on the viscous, full-bodied mouthfeel as the finish lingers for a while after each sip.

Abraxas is a rich and dynamic imperial stout. Everything within its opaque depths work well with one another is just about every regard. Like I said, I’d personally like a bit more impact from the chilis, but that’s not a knock against everything else that Perennial has crafted here. I believe, due to the alcohol potency and richness of the beer, it’s a good candidate for a bit of cellaring. I may have to hunt down a few more bottles to set aside for future enjoyment.