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Advertising Archive

Nov 8, 2010

Video: Trumer Rube Goldberg Machine

I’ve always loved Rube Goldberg setups whether it’s to promote some product or just for someone’s amusement. The amount of time and […]

Jul 22, 2010

Brewdog Officially Announces The End of History

In only the way they can, the brewers at Brewdog have ended history. The story behind this record setting beer is explained […]

Jun 11, 2010

Sapporo Legendary Biru Commercial

I’m not the biggest fan of the beer, but you’ve got to give the company some props for this epic commercial.

Apr 8, 2010

Bud Light Clothing Drive

Perhaps by turning off the A/C in the office every night and letting the heat build up to sweltering proportions by morning, […]

Jan 6, 2010

Bavaria Commercial Spoof

Everyone remembers that Heineken commercial, right? Apparently, Bavaria did their own version of the advertisement sometime last year that is pretty funny.

Oct 19, 2009

Castle Lite Vanilla Ice Commercial


Sep 18, 2009

Johnny Walker: The Man Who Walked Around The World

It’s a little long, but if you have about six and a half minutes, this is a great ad for the legendary […]

Mar 19, 2009

Foreign Beer Commercials

For some unexplainable reason I was in the mood for foreign (non-English) beer commercials this morning. So, for your amusement, here are […]

Feb 12, 2009

Achel Commercial

I’m not sure how old this one is, but it pretty much sums up my own mental images of Trappist monks after […]

Feb 2, 2009

Bud Light: Meeting

Well, it was a rather poor outing for beer commercials yesterday. Of the 4 or 5 new ads I remember seeing, this […]

Jan 28, 2009

Heineken Ad with John Turturro

For some reason this ad cracks me up everytime.

Dec 31, 2008

Screaming Heneken Ad

I’m pretty sure this would be my reaction if I were to actually walk into the basement of the pub featured in […]